2nd TTDM Board meeeting

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The 2nd Technology Transfer and Dissemination Multiplier (TTDM) Board meeting took place as an online event on the 24th of May 2024.

The TTDM Board consists of high position representatives from Air Liquide (FR), Biokraft International AB (SE), CIEMAT (ES), Cortus Energy AB (SE), European Biogas Association (BE), Ingenieurbüro Thema (DE), Lithuanian Energy Institute (LT) and Tokyo Gas (JP).

Screenshot taken by Simon Markthaler, FAU during the meeting

Simon Markthaler, FAU gave a presentation on the project progress and the development of an additively manufactured catalytic methanation rector with in-situ tar co-reforming.
Prof. Katharina Herkendell, FAU, gave a presentation on electromethanogenesis.

The input from the TTDM Board is highly appreciated and it is evident that renewable methane is both facing challenges and strong interest. According to Martin Thema, Ingenieurbüro Thema, it seems that some German grid operators are focusing more on hydrogen than renewable methane while Josemaria Sanchez Hervas, CIEMAT pointed out Spanish grid operators have initiated a survey related to state-of-the-art on bioLNG to replace fossil LNG.

Jörgen Held
TTDM Board manager