Frequently asked questions

Why do we need GreenLNG?
Truly carbon-neutral Liquid Natural Gas (GreenLNG) is a fossil-free liquid energy carrier with high energy density and might in particular cover future demands in the marine and heavy duty transportation sector

How does the process reduce GreenLNG costs?
CarbonNeutralLNG aims at reducing marginal costs of GreenLNG due to low-cost renewable energy from electricity and biomass, a less complex process and greatly increased carbon efficiency

How do we know that GreenLNG will be climate friendly?
The project includes an in depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the environmental impacts of GreenLNG and will therefore analyze possible sources of environmental impacts, which will not only allow close monitoring of the process to eliminate fugitive methane emissions but also give insights on current LNG infrastructure

Why is a high carbon efficiency so important?
Biomass is the only renewable and climate friendly carbon source to satisfy the entire future carbon demand apart from direct air capture of CO2. The biomass should therefore be used as completely and efficiently as possible. The CarbonNeutralLNG process maximizes the carbon efficiency for the production of GreenLNG

How will the project help EU citizens?
The CarbonNeutralLNG process provides a cost-effective and climate friendly fuel for appliances like shipping and heavy duty trucks. This helps to provide cheap goods inside the EU. The fuel can also be used in public transport to replace current fossil fuels. Future energy systems with a high share of volatile power production from renewables can be stabilized by GreenLNG. This helps to secure the energy independency inside the EU

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Jakob Müller, M. Sc.

Research Scientist, Project Management and Chemical Catalytic Methanation

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Chair of Energy Process Engineering