CarbonNeutralLNG visits Cortus

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On the 3rd of July, Jürgen Karl (FAU) coordinator of the CarbonNeutralLNG project, Jörgen Held (BEIC), manager of the Technology Transfer and Dissemination Multiplier Board, and Hesameddin Fatehi (Lund University) visited Cortus’ industrial scale WoodRoll® installation in Höganäs, Sweden.

Cortus visit
From the left: Prof. Jürgen Karl, FAU, Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus, and Jörgen Held, CEO BEIC, in front of one of the feedstock pockets.
Photo: Hesameddin Fatehi, Lund University

The 6 MWsyngas WoodRoll® installation in Höganäs, Sweden.
Photo: Jörgen Held

Cortus has financed the plant and will deliver energy gas to Höganäs AB on a 20-year contract. Höganäs AB produces metal powder, and the syngas will replace natural gas in one of its burners.

The WoodRoll® process is based on three steps; drying, pyrolysis and gasification (see picture below). The gasification takes place at 1 100 ᵒC but due to highly integrated internal heat recovery the conversion efficiency is high. The nitrogen free syngas is suitable for methanation. The dry syngas composition typically consists of 58% H2, 30% CO, 10% CO2 and 2% CH4.

Process scheme