TTDM Board kick-off – Green LNG is attracting global attention

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Today, 26th of May 2023, the Technology Transfer and Dissemination Multiplier (TTDM) Board of the CarbonNeutralLNG project had its kick-off meeting.

The TTDM Board consists of high position representatives from Air Liquide (FR), Tokyo Gas (JP), CIEMAT (ES), European Biogas Association (BE), Scandinavian Biogas Fuels (SE), Lithuanian Energy Institute (LT) and Ingenieurbüro Thema (DE).

Screenshot taken by Jakob Müller, FAU during the introduction to the project by the project coordinator Prof. Jürgen Karl, FAU

From the discussions during the TTDM Board meeting, it is evident that the interest for the development of a global green LNG market is strong and the input from the TTDM Board members is highly appreciated.

Jörgen Held
TTDM Board manager